Who Am I?

I am a software engineer, people manager, and technology visionary. I live in San Francisco. Currently, I lead SF engineering at Capital One Labs. You can find me active on Github working on my side projects. I am active in the node community and work on my own node module for phantomjs node integration. I also work on www.clashleaders.com on my spare time. For the past year, I have been mainly focused on blockchain and cyrptocurreny technologies. See sha-miner I created in Go to understand how Ethereum PoW works.

Before working at Capital One, I was director of web technologies at Quid where I delivered web components in React deployed using Docker for our web platform. Before Quid, I led the Outbound & Engineers Efficiency Tribe at Opower. Opower IPO’ed in 2014 and acquired by Oracle in 2016. While at Opower, my tribe piloted self-selection for 45 people in three weeks.

I have co-founded two companies. My first company was Tilofy founded in 2013. Tilofy is a real-time search engine which indexes millions of social media content to power nearby insights. After that, I co-founded Metum, a non-profit donation platform for publishers.