PhantomJS for NodeJS

Get Started

What is PhantomJS for NodeJS?

PhantomJS is a headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API. The native API is not accessible in NodeJS. This module allows NodeJS to interface with PhantomJS via an external process. It spawns PhantomJS processes automatically and exposes a really simple API to the NodeJS developer.

Easy Installation.

Installing PhantomJS-Node is very easy. You can install it like any other NPM module. Phantom automatically installs the right version of PhantomJS so that you don’t have to. If the right version is installed, then it does nothing. You can install Phantom with

npm i phantom --save

Or use Yarn

yarn add phantom

For older versions of NodeJS, checkout the README.

Very Easy.

It is very easy to start using PhantomJS in NodeJS. Here is a example how to read the content of a website.

const phantom = require('phantom');

(async function() {
    const instance = await phantom.create();
    const page = await instance.createPage();
    const status = await'');
    const content = await'content');
    await instance.exit();

See it in action

Below is a recording that show how to use Phantom using Node 7+.